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Wear the Pants

You saw the SuperBowl commercial. Now get some free pants, because you don’t look good in that skirt.

Enter here.


Because its awesome

Periodically I will post a video of awesomeness and a tribute to manliness…this one qualifies.

Do you swag?

That’s not as dirty as it sounds. Swagbucks. It’s one of those few things that’s borderline couponish that I accept as legit. All you do is search. You can download the toolbar if you have firefox. It’s pretty good and they’ve got some cool stuff you can cash in your points for. Not only gift cards but one of kind items from bands, sports teams and the like.

Check it out.

Man Caves

I don’t really watch the show but if you’re looking to pimp your den, garage, or shrine to David Hasselhoff…ok, maybe not the last one, but this would be a really sweet prize. It’s $50,000 to make overĀ  your man cave and these guys do some crazy awesome remodels. Enter the sweepstakes here.

Real Sports, Real Bets, Real Money…kind of

So I came across this a while back and ever since have been thoroughly addicted. It’s a sports betting site without the legal ramification of gambling. They give you $0.10 to start betting with (it’s fake so it’s not real gambling right?) but as you keep getting things right you have the option to cash out for real money!

You’re betting with real Vegas odds and there’s everything from football to soccer, baseball to nascar and basketball to tennis. Definitely worth looking into…that is if you can handle it.

Check it out here.

What this site is about

This site is about making/saving money. And frankly, there’s a lot of sites out there that promise that but almost all of them are geared towards household products, makeup and tampons. I don’t need tampons. I do need cold hard cash and I don’t want to play BeJeweled to win some – but betting on sports games maybe…

I want to provide you with the internet’s best deals and deals that you might actually be interested in. No clipping coupons, no becoming fans of some product you’ve never heard of, just money making ideas geared towards guys like me.

Stick around and come back each day to find a new deal. It’ll be worth your time.